General Questions for Providers


How does Who’s Available work?

Our Platform connects providers with consumers for on-demand services. 


What are the requirements of being a service provider? 

Providers must be eighteen years old,  have a valid driver's license, and pass a background check. 


Is a background check required?

A background check is conducted for the safety of the users.


How am i notified when my account is active? 

Users will receive notification within seven business days. 


Managing your account


How to reset a lost or forgotten password

Click on forgot password and you will receive an OTP code to reset it 


How do I update  the account information on my profile?

You need to click the account button on the bottom right. You can use the click on edit profile. You can edit your name, phone number, and email address. 


Fees and payments

What are the fees associated with my account?

There is a 3.5% credit card processing fee. Which helps to ensure you get paid as some customers may not pay you after a service is done via cash. There is also a 3.49% marketing fee to Who's Available. This ensures we can help market your business and get you customers! So, 6.99% all together.

When do I get paid?

Payments will be paid out every week and sent directly to your payment wallet. This is the same account that is set up when you set up your accoun and routing number. 


Account settings

How do I  add services?      

You can click on the  three line tab at the top of the left-hand side. You will then go to services and packages and click on the add service button at the bottom.                 

How do I change my language settings?                                                                    Click on the account button on the bottom right side of the app and  click  preferences

How do I change my time zone?                                                                                 Time- zone is  updated by current  locations

How to update your service area?

Click on the tab in the upper left-hand corner, click on the account tab to generate your profile information, and then click on the address tab. 

How do I update my service preference to either mobile or storefront?

Click on the three-line tab on the top left hand of the app screen. Click on my profile and scroll down to service type. You can then adjust your preference. 

How do I update my service radius area?   

The service radius is limited to sixty miles. If you choose to do less or more, you can adjust it at anytime. In order to do so, Click on the tab in the upper left-hand corner and click on my profile to generate your profile information. Click on the service radius  button at the bottom and adjust.



Help with uploading a profile picture         

You can change your profile picture by clicking on the top left tab on the home screen and then click on my profile. You will see change picture at the top. Click on it and you will have the option to change your picture by camera or gallery.           

Why are service providers' accounts denied?                                                          Accounts are denied  if we suspect  fraud, scams, or inauthentic accounts.  You have the right to appeal the decisions by sending us an email. 

Notifications for provider 

Once you receive a  booking request, you can accept or deny the booking. If you decided to accept the booking It will go into the next section and let the customer know you are on the way.                                                           

About notifications on mobile devices:                                                                      You will get a notification on your mobile device about booked services and requests. 

How to approve or deny the notification:                                                                Once you receive a booking request, you can either approve or deny the request. 

How do I manage my orders 

On the home screen you can manage your orders. You will have a list of accepted , in process, completed, canceled, and dispute. If you click on the tabs at the top you can view the booking that corresponds with the tab.

Cancel, deactivate and reactivate accounts- Delete your application, and delete all your services 

How to deactivate your account 

We currently don’t have a deactivate sections. If you want to get off the platform, simply delete the application from your mobile device. 

How to reactivate your account 

You can download the application and log in with your credentials 


Payments will be made out weekly to your stripe account. If you need to update your banking details you can do it by clicking on the personal details tab. 

Cancelation Policy

If you accept an order and have to cancel within a 24

How much time do you have to accept or deny a booking?


Once you receive a request, you will have 24 hours. If you do not accept it it will be deleted from your booking.