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Shane and Jessica Ellis began the creation of Who's Available 2022. As a couple that was already running a business, they had limited time for everyday tasks. They always hired people for services or when they needed a helping hand. During the process of hiring help, they started to realize the time it took.

They had to ask for recommendations, call several businesses, ask for quotes, read reviews, and find someone that was able to work immediately.

They decided to create an all-in-one app and online software platform where users are connected to hundreds of service providers. They can check availability, view upfront pricing, read real-life reviews, and checkout with the click of a button.

Fast, simple, and reliable.


Same-day or future bookings available

Mobile or StoreFront options

Unfront prices with no haggling

Multiple languages and different currencies

Real-life reviews for all our providers & customers

Secure payments with your in-app wallet

Service Assurance and Protection Guarantee

Chat with service providers directly through the app

The Who's Available user app allows you to manage and access multiple services on a single application. You will have access to. on-demand services like tutors, house cleaners, beauticians, day laborers, professionals, event planning, towing, mechanics, and more.

Once you find the service you like you can view upfront pricing, read reviews, schedule directly, and checkout It's that simple.

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You can either log in through a social account or register directly on the application.

Let us do the marketing for you. You will get on-demand service requests directly on your mobile device. All you have to do is list your services, create package options, list upfront pricing, create a calendar of availability, and that’s it. This app will allow you to have a flexible schedule, receive fast payouts, and connect with great customers with real-life reviews.


In order to be a service provider on our platform, you will need to meet the following requirements.

  • 18+
  • Must pass a background test
  • State or local license (if required)
  • Drivers License/ Identification
  • Insurance (if required)

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